Sponsors & Supporters


Every year support from our sponsors allows us to provide those additional extras that make this event so well received. These extras include two sets of boats to allow for more teams to enter and for the event to run on time, ample toilets (yes, it’s important), water, marquees at subsidised rates, food and so on…

Please support the event sponsors when you can!


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Hill Dickinson Hong Kong

Supporters & Volunteers

We also are indebted to the hard work put in by the Lamma Dragons Dragon Boat Club, The Lamma Island Fisherman’s Recreation and Sports Association, and The Lamma (North) Dragon Boat Association.

Stand-out volunteers include Mike Tanner who regularly serves as Chief Official, Amy Wong who does amazing work for the event, and Kevin Bishop for his technical support. In addition, the event would be nothing without the continued support from officials and volunteers (2017) who are listed below.

As organisers of the Lamma 500, we pride ourselves on running the event to a very high standards of officiating and racing. We have very experienced and competent volunteer timekeepers, course setters, officials, judges and helms who strive to deliver a competition that is fair to all teams – and that runs to schedule. They always appreciate a smile!

Supporters & Volunteers 2017-2018

Ah Bun (Leung Wai Pan)
Alex Chang
Alex Sommerson – Official
Alysha Tarr
Amy Wong
Andy Brooks – M.G. Geraghty (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
Andy Griffiths
Andy Tse – HEC
Anita Chau – KPMG
Anson Bailey – KPMG
Bill McQueen
Brad Tarr – Festival Director
Caroline Collins – Lamma Grill
Chai Wan Fishermen
Chan Nin Wai
Chow Kim Fai
Christian Ross – Escapade Sports
Claudia Tarr
Damian Laracy
Dan Peterson – The Waterfront
Daniel Clarke – Finish line
Dr Frank
Emily Tarr
Eric Chau – HEC
Fraser Douglas
Fulton Mak – KPMG
Gina Miller – Race Convener
Gitta Bjornsson – Start line
Grace Cheng

Greg Pittams – Tech Support/Finish line
HK Electric Company Ltd
Ivan Lam
Jackson Ng Wah Fai
Jamie Wilde – Tech Support
Janice Chan – HEC
Jen Fulton
Jo Rickards – Start line
Joey Hau
Julie Yao
Karen Lee
Katie McGregor
Kevin Bishop – Tech Support/Webmaster/Finish line
Kristins Chan – MC
Lamma (North) Dragon Boat Association
Lamma Dragons Dragonboat Club
Lamma Fishermen’s Sports and Recreation
Lamma Island (North) Rural Committee
Lauren Mead – Louella Odie
Law Kau (Fei Gau)
Leung Kan Tai
Lisa Stella
Lydia Law – (M-A-W)
Make A Wish Foundation of Hong Kong

Malcolm Morris – Tech Support/Finish line
Marianne Gable
Mark Burns – MC/EMB Consulting
Michael Ranch – Toi Toi Toilets
Michelle Key – Finish line
Mike Mallin – Hill Dickinson
Mike Tanner – Head Official
Napoleon Chu – HEC
Nick Bilcliffe
Nick Helms – Liberty Mutual
Oliver Armistead – Official
Paul Davis
Penny Nicholle
Peter (Law Kam Wah)
Poon Hin Sau (Joanne)
Roland Gyuris
Sammi Siu – HEC
Simeona Piayas
St John Ambulance
Ten Chai
Vincent Yuen
Warren Phillips – KPMG
Xiao Qin Lu – HighLife
Yu Lai Fan


Ivan Shum – ISS Photography
Jean Gorguet
Guy Martin
Pawel Wembley

If you’d like to volunteer please email Festival Director, Brad Tarr

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