Testimonials from Past Events

After every event we ask for feedback and suggestions from the participating teams so that we can make the Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Festival  the best dragon boat event in Hong Kong, if not in Asia.  We are always delighted and motivated to receive enthusiastic feedback:


By far, the best planned, best atmosphere (love, love love the music!), best-executed, best …

“First, let me say a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful race yesterday. By far, the best planned, best atmosphere (love, love love the music!), best-executed, best food offerings, best change rooms and toilets (to keep toilets clean, working and stocked with toilet paper all day is HUGE!!), best happy race organizers, best everything race. Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful crew of hard-workers to pull the day off. It is such a pleasure to race the Lamma 500.” Lesia Pringle – CDNIS – Paddling T Wolves (Jr Mixed)

We had a fantastic time at the Lamma 500…

“What an awesome event yesterday. Please pass on massive Grrrrr from all of us at Smugz to your team. We had a fantastic time at the Lamma 500. The marshals were great; the starters were about the best I’ve come across. Once again, thanks, and congratulations on a great event.” Tim Pottle – SMUGz

By far the best day of racing in the Dragon Boat calendar!!…

“It was another amazing Lamma 500 this year. Blazing Paddles had 12 new paddlers in our boat and they were all absolutely thrilled and amazed by your fantastic event. It is by far the best day of racing in the Dragon Boat calendar!! We’ll absolutely be back next year, lock us in!” Kristen, Blazing Paddles

Please count us in for the 2018 races…

“Thank you and Brad so much for organising this great show – Please count us in for the 2018 races!!” Carl Yuen – DSOBA

It was an amazing event as always…

“Thank you Lamma 500, it was an amazing event as always (the best location for a dragon boat Regatta if you ask me). Thank you for the excellent organization!” Maaike – Lantau Boat Club

Lamma race is personally my favourite race :)…

“I wanted to thank you and your team for the organisation of the race. It went really smoothly and we (VPower Dragon Boat Team) enjoyed it a lot. It was really well organised! Lamma race is personally my favourite race :)” Cécilia – VPower Dragon Boat Team

Thanks to you and your team for organising such a fantastic event…

“It was great that the J.P. Morgan Dragon Boat Team was able to join the Lamma 500 event this year for the first time. It was a very enjoyable day and thanks to you and your team for organising such a fantastic event. We hope to return again next year and maybe we’ll have a mixed team to join as well next time.” Russell Austin – J.P. Morgan Dragon Boat Team

Very well run race yesterday…

“Very well run race yesterday. Thanks to you and your crew.” Gianni Aprea – RHKYC

My team enjoyed it very much!

“Nice race and good arrangement; my team enjoyed it very much!” HKUST Dragon Boat Team

2013 Post-Event Feedback

“On behalf of the Globe Paddlers, we would like to thank you and the sponsors for an absolutely wonderful day at Lamma 500; a very well organised and well executed event. A special thumbs up to your support teams, especially your starters and line officials. Well Done!” Gary Chin & Cordelia Chan – Coaches – AWA Globe Paddlers

“Thank you for letting us squeeze into your race! We had a great, great time during the race and the after party, and even though our women’s boat came dead last, we were still very glad to have gone through the experience as it was our first time doing a 500m piece and doing a women’s boat to boot! Two of our girls even helped out Morgan Stanley on the 1,000m race, so hopefully next year we’ll sign up for the 1,000m race too!

Everyone said what a great day it was as it ran very smoothly, the beach was lovely, the people were great and the atmosphere was amazing, much better than what we experienced at Stanley and more organized than Boracay! Thank you to you and your team for organizing the race and letting us be a part of it.” Mariam (InterNations CJC)

“A huge thanks from me and the VRC team for Sunday’s races. Lamma is always so well organised and a pleasure to attend!” Heather (VRC Paddle Club)

“Just a quick note to say how much the Seagods enjoyed the Lamma races on Sunday. A superb day out, always organised very efficiently. The 1,000m is definitely a highlight and we were disappointed to be pipped into 4th place – but we will be back next year!!” Jo Eades (Seagods)

“A big thank you from the Seagods! Absolutely love the 1,000m race; a great chance for teams to race relaxed and really get that perfect ‘chug’ and maintain it over a long distance! See you next year!” Ryan Whelan (Seagods)

“On behalf of SMUGz, we’d like to congratulate you on a job well done on Sunday. As ever, the Lamma 500 was a great event, with some tough racing. Thanks again for another great event.” Tim Pottle (SMUGz)

“Thank you and your team from Team Loreley for the fantastic Dragon boat race day yesterday.” Damien Gailliardot (Team Loreley)

“On behalf of my club ExCo and paddlers alike I would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks for having us at your event. Every year it gets better and better!

Everyone was so full of beans yesterday in the junk trip back home and there are so many positive things to say that I simply can’t do them all justice in one email. You can rest assured we will be supporting you again and again for many years to come.

Congratulations for such a well put together event. Now having organized LIC I know it’s not easy. Thank you so very much.” Iain Brymer (South Lantau Paddle Club)

“Thank you Lamma 500. Our team had a great time at the race yesterday.” Simon Chung (HKICPA)

“Thank you once again for a fantastic event. Everyone at Fair Dinkum Club had an amazing time! Fabulous weather and exciting races!

It would not have been possible without your enthusiasm and great organization work! You were amazing! A big thank you to you and your team at Lamma Dragons! We will definitely be back.” Alvin Lai (Fair Dinkum)

“It’s such great fun yesterday at the Lamma 500 and yes, you are right that the 1,000-metre race is simply awesome. On behalf of the Law Society DB Team, I would like to thank you and your team for the great effort and the great event!” Jeff Wong (Law Society DB Team)

“As Always – A massive thanks. Great day once again!” Luigi La Tona (Buzz Dragons)

“Thanks again and congratulations for a very smooth event yesterday. We had fun. And of course we are all very happy that we won. We never expected that; all we wanted was to make it to the finals. This is the first time we made it to the finals. So even before the final race of the Premier Cup Mixed, we were already very, very happy. Thanks again and congratulations!!!” Ronaldo (Team Mushu – Disney)

2012 Post-Event Feedback

“On behalf of Team DNA, Dragons of North America, we would like to thank Brad and Gina and the rest of the Lamma Dragons for putting on such an amazing race! The level of competition and the organization of the race was top notch!!! We really didn’t know what to expect, especially after the wonderful week we spent in Boracay, but many of my paddlers came up to me after the event and told me that if they had to choose one race, they would choose Lamma Island over Boracay! I’m not sure if it was the race venue, the organizers, the competition, or the fact that we got a full dose of the Lamma Dragons, but you guys rocked!!! Maybe it was all the champagne we drank while dancing on the beach! Thanks again and I hope we can do this again next year!!! Paddle As One!!!!” Berman Ng (Team DNA, Dragons of North America)

“On behalf of SMUGz I’d like to thank you and the Lamma 500 team for another great day out. Your event continues to improve each year, and is still the best-run race day that we attend. The trophies this year were fantastic – I just wish we’d won more of them.” Tim Pottle (Southside Massive Urban Gorillaz)

“Everyone loved the shirts and what’s more, the team loved the day yesterday!!! Though we got thrashed, we all had an amazing time out with gorgeous weather, great tent location, and fun music!! Thanks for organising yet another successful Lamma 500!” Heather (Canadian International School of Hong Kong – Flying Canucks)

“On behalf of the South Lantau Buffaloes, we want to thank you both once again for what was (and always is!) an awesome day of racing yesterday. Well-organised, punctual, efficient, competitive, and bloody great fun, we had an excellent day and I’m still on a high from it. We didn’t quite get the results we wanted, but we gave it our best, and can’t wait for the next one.” Joel Crawford (Chairman of South Lantau Paddle Club)

“On behalf of the Globe Paddlers we would like to thank you and the sponsors for an absolutely wonderful day at Lamma for your annual Dragon Boat Festival. It was a great day with great weather. Each year we have participated your event has managed to improve in very considerable ways. Thanks so much for everything.” Kathy Vignali & Kelly Newlon (Globe Paddlers)

“Every paddler should try to attend the Lamma 500 at least once, it really is second to none.” Del Kyme (Great Britain Dragon Boat National Team paddler)

“On behalf of Hong Kong Island Paddle Club, I would like to thank Lamma Dragons for hosting yet another successful Lamma 500. What a great way to spend a Sunday! Everyone on the HKIPC crew enjoyed the day as much as the after party.” Lister (HKIPC)

“(Thanks) for your hard work and great effort, and for the vision and inspiration, that makes the Lamma 500 an increasingly popular and successful event each year. So, well done on your part, with well-deserved congratulations for this year and previous years. And by extension, to all the others who make the event not only possible but so successful and enjoyable too!” Dan Peterson (Island Bar & Waterfront Restaurant)

“We are the champions. Without a doubt!” Jonnet Kudera (Lamma Dragon’s Ladies Team)

“Cheers for the event yesterday. Good turnout, and well organised.” Mark Zinke Products

“I think it was the best Lamma 500 ever yesterday. Atmosphere was incredible. It wouldn’t be the same without you guys organising it (so don’t go anywhere!). Lamma 500 – best race in Hong Kong.” Dawn

“Thanks to you and your members for the $17,700.00 donation (to our Charity). With your dedication and efforts, the Lamma 500 has already become a signature event. Once again, please accept our sincere thanks to you all for your continued support and kindness given to our Wish children and their families.” Heidi Wong (Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hong Kong)

2011 Post-Event Feedback

“Thank you again for supporting us. The support you give us with this donation and exposure is very kind and much appreciated…” Lydia Law, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hong Kong

“I would like to congratulate the successfull Lamma Dragon Boat Festival for last Sunday – we were so happy for you and with the weather too! We are also glad and would like to thank you for arranging such a meaningful programme and hope this programme will continue to be one of the famous annual highlights on Lamma. Looking forward to the next year Lamma Dragon Boat Festival and very happy to work with you all!” Jenny Ho, Hong Kong Electric Company

“I have been to many Dragon Boat events throughout my career and I must say that this event is up there as one of the best! Congratulations!!” Del Kyme, Great Britain Dragon Boat National Team paddler

“On behalf of the South Lantau Paddle Club, thanks so much for a great day of racing at the Lamma 500 yesterday. You and your club did an awesome job of organising the day, and it was a pleasure to be involved in such a competitive race meet that was also full of good camaraderie amongst all the teams. Not only that, but the amenities and services were well organised, and we all went away very happy, already looking forward to next year.” Joel Crawford, Chairman, South Lantau Paddle Club

“A big thank you from Buzz for hosting the Lamma 500.

I just wanted to comment on the overall running which of the event. It was great. My whole team commented on how the sea anchors and sampan to move boats into place reduced the stress level on all the paddlers at the start line. It was so efficient. The set up and layout were great for the beach front area. This was the most organized race we have been at this year.” Chris Folino, Buzz President

“On behalf of HKIPC, thanks for organising such a great race! We thoroughly enjoyed the day and were very appreciative of your efforts to manage such a smooth-running event. For myself personally, the Women’s final was one of the best I have been in, and it couldn’t have happened without your fantastic organisation.

Congratulations to your club for the successful day (and to the Women’s team for the win!).” Patty, HKIPC

“Thanks again for organizing yet another great event. The atmosphere and competition was top notch! I am looking forward to next year’s Lamma 500.” Lister, HKIPC

“Many, many congratulations to you and your fantastic support team on what was an awesome event on Sunday! (both on and off the water!!)

The atmosphere was fantastic, the competition fierce, and the venue is amazing. You have a great event that The Henley Group was proud to be part of. Well done!” Tania Scott, The Henley Group

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for a great and fun day yesterday. Very well organised, and lots of people commenting so. And a fantastic result for the dragons!” Alex Harrod, Seagods

2010 Post-Event Feedback

“Thank you so much for looking after our team while we were in Lamma, we really had a good time. In fact we all agreed that we should do this yearly trip to Lamma and support your race, how is that for you? We had great memories there.” Tootsie (Boracay Bumshells)

“It’s my great pleasure to work with you this year again… it was really a fantastic day! Good weather, good fun!” Amy (Wong Yee Mei)

“You guys did another outstanding job in organizing a great race. See you on the water.” Yan-Yan (X-Men)

“Our crew had a fantastic day! Thanks for the great organisation again. It’s just getting better and better. The planets were truly aligned with the weather. That visit to the temple certainly pays off! Congratulations to you and your team for such a great event.” Sandy Jenner (Lantau Boat Club)

“On behalf of IPC a very big thank you for organising a cracker event yet again. And for raising money for a worthy charity on behalf of us all. Nice touch.” Leon Rossbotham (HKIPC)

“We definitely had a great day! Since it was the first time for us at the Lamma 500 the day was perfect. We will come back next year again! Alex Kaymer (Team Lorely)

“On behalf of the Southside Massive, I’d like to say a big “Thank you” and congratulations to you and all involved in putting on another great day at Lamma yesterday. The Lamma 500 remains a highlight of our paddling calendar, and we were all delighted to finally bring home some silverware from your event.” Tim Pottle (Southside Massive)

2009 Post-Event Feedback

“A big thank you to the Lamma crew for the Laracy Gall Lamma 500. Again, we all had a ball, and we were very happy that the IPC had a successful showing in all race categories. What great races!

How many dragon boat events run ahead of schedule? The Lamma 500 does! Well done on that. Super organisation and good all round communication to ensured there was no disputes all day and everything went to plan. There was no waiting round twiddling thumbs for the next race either. We had plenty of races. It was also nice to have an effective bi-lingual race starter who was efficient in getting boats up to the line and off, and our much revered race director who communicated well to all crews throughout the day.

Here’s to the same next year!” Leon Rossbotham (Head Coach, Hong Kong Island Paddle Club)

“On behalf of all the Royal X-Teams we would like to extend our congratulations and thanks to you and your team for once again organising a superb days dragon boating – everything ran extremely smoothly and efficiently, and most of all delivered with the warm hospitality we have got used to from our annual visit to race in Lamma.

In terms of specific feedback on the Lamma 1000 – I had been inundated with whinging and moaning from the crew that I had signed them up to take part in this ‘optional’ race of insane distance… but afterwards it was the one race that the team enjoyed taking part in more than any other!!! Personally I think its an excellent idea and I am sure will receive considerably more entries next year.

Count us in for next years Lamma 500!” Charlie (Royal X)

“A big thank you to you and your team for organising the Lamma 500. We at Fair Dinkum had a most enjoyable time. It was also great to see that races ran on schedule (a rarity these days). We look forward to Lamma 2010.” Edwin (Fair Dinkum)

“This year Dutch Connexion came with her youngest and lightest mixed team ever – 9 newbees, 11 women and especially for these 9 people who had never paddled a race before it was such a great experience! Well organised as always, great atmosphere and how beautiful was the weather yesterday.

We had a great day and particularly enjoyed the 1000m race, so please keep that one going.

Thanks for all your effort. I hope you will enjoy the races here at DB just as much!” Christa den Boogert (Captain, Dutch Connexion)

“Congratulations for both the great results of the Lamma Dragons in yesterday’s race, and also for such a successful event. My team (Buzz) and I had a great day and we will definitely return next year.” Wing (Buzz)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing of the dragon boat race. It was great event, good weather and nice atmosphere. My team had a great day and enjoyed the 1000M race. We will be back next year.” Sam Woo (Fat Dragon)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for organizing this great event. We look forward to Lamma 2010.” Van (Carlsberg)

“The Lamma Dragon Boat Festival is one of the coolest events in Hong Kong, with some of the nicest people from all over involved. Organization is great and so is the feeling. Hong Kong needs more of these. Toi Toi is pleased to be involved and we look forward to 2010, which, no doubt, will be the biggest ever.” Michael Ranck (Toi Toi)

“Congratulations to ALL Teams on a fantastic day. We are proud to Sponsor the Lamma Dragon Boat Festival and will continue to do so. Roll on 2010.” Robert Adams-Pape (Managing Director, Monpelier Private Clients Ltd)

“Congratulations on another fantastic Dragon Boat at the Laracy Gall Lamma 500. You certainly know how to put on a great show. It was my pleasure to sponsor the Lamma 500 and the Lamma Dragons this year. It was even more of a pleasure to hear how well the Lamma Ladies did in this event and throughout whole season! Well done!!

I would also like to congratulate the Organisers on a superb effort. This could be the best Dragon Boat race in HK now and in only three years. Fantastic effort! Looking forward to next year already!” Bradley Erasmus (Poor Brad Rich Brad)

“A huge thank-you to Brad and his team at Thirsty Horse for arranging a truly wonderful event. It ran like a dream from the start to finish. A huge shout out also to all the competitors for some sterling competition and honest craic. Well done!” Noel Smyth (Delaney’s Development Ltd)

“Without a doubt, the best event held in Hong Kong! A great day out with awesome Dragon Boating and the most fun & relaxed atmosphere that you’ll find in the Hong Kong races scene. Congrats to everyone for a fantastic day!!! Looking forward to next year.” Nick Swanson (HKGFM.net)

“Congratulations on the success of the Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival 2009. As a sponsor and a close partner of the Lamma community, we are glad to see that our traditional Dragon Boat Festival has attracted so many teams to participate, bringing so much fun and excitement to Lamma and its visitors. We look forward to supporting this event again in 2010 and hope it will become an annual celebration in Lamma.” Jenny Ho (HK Electric‬)

“Prosperity Research was very excited to take part in the Lamma 500 for the third year in a row as the media sponsor through our channel www.SO-U.TV. Thirsty Horse has always ran such a first rate event that there is nothing to do but have fun and enjoy. From the paddlers to the party people it was a great day for the whole family. We are already planning for the 4th and hope to see an even bigger crowd.” Douglas White (Prosperity Research Limited)

2008 Post-Event Feedback

“…great dragon boat race… Really well organised and a great vibe…” Lara Wozniak

“It was a great day. Seemed like everything ran like clockwork. I am sure it was frantic behind the scenes but from what I saw as a spectator it was very smooth. Good job.” David Cairns

“Thank you for organizing of the dragon boat race. It was great event – good atmosphere, good weather, full of fun.” Carol Ng (Ocean Park)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for organizing such a nice event. Friendly people, nice atmosphere and professionalism were the ingredients of the Lamma race 2008. On behalf of the whole Dutch Connexion team, thanks a lot and we will be back next year.” Tom Ros (Dutch Connexion)

“Congratulations on a great event on Sunday. The Southside Massive had a great time. The competition was strong and very well run. I can’t remember any dragon boat event that I’ve ever been to that did actually stop for lunch!! The party afterwards was also great fun. Well done!” Simeon Mellalieu (Sun Life Southside Massive Dragon Boat Association)

“A massive thanks from the Lantau Boat Club! We all had a really wonderful day. There were a few paddlers on our team who were doing their first dragon boat race ever, and they really enjoyed the experience. You guys organised it well, and even ran ahead of schedule – nice work! Mooring the junk just off course was great, and many thanks to the guy who ran us back and forth on his boat all day. We’ll be sure to come again next year and will try to put in a men’s and women’s team as well!” Erin Bowland (LBC Mixed)

“Congratulations on the Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival 2008! …it was a wonderful event. Great participation and no glitches. You must be ecstatic! Thank you again for the opportunity to cover the event!” Elisabeth Grisoni (Prosperity Research Ltd)

“We are all delighted the event went as well as it did. In fact it could not have gone better! Everybody seems to be looking forward to next year! The paddlers were pleased with the weather which was a godsend! Clearly thanking the Gods in advance worked! The Island Bar was delighted to have been part of it. It was really well organised.” Sharon Chandler (Island Bar)

“Thanks for letting us be involved… it was awesome, you must be really proud of what you have done… bloody fantastic! The feedback I got all day, was fantastic… everyone I spoke to loved the day.” Nick Swanson (HKGFM.net)

“You Rock! It was a killer festival! Thank you so much…” Lisa Stella (Lamma Dragons)

“Congratulations on a well organized and very professionally run event. The Liechtenstein Princely Navy had an excellent day of very competitive racing and lots of fun and good music. Well done.” Silvan Colani (Admiral, The Liechtenstein Princely Navy)

“Congratulations on a really wonderful event yesterday!” Lamma-Gung (Editor, Lamma-zine)

2007 Post-Event Feedback

“Just wanted to say, we could all see how much work you guys had put in on Sunday and it was such a shame that the weather closed in like that.

The X-people wanted to give you our support and let you know that we’ll be definitely back next year. We think it’s great that you are looking to increase the opportunity to race in HK. Anything we can do to help, let us know.” John Pache (Royal X Men/Women/Mixed)

“I wanted to reiterate John’s message below and thank you and your team and all the people behind the scene who put so much effort to make the Lamma Dragon Boat Festival happen. You couldn’t have done anymore than you did that day and despite the weather, people took time to bond in the true dragon boat spirit.” Yan Yan Li (Royal X Men/Women/Mixed)

“On behalf of the Southside Massive I wanted to send you a note of thanks to you and the organizing committee for your efforts in yesterday’s events. All of us appreciated your efforts in keeping the event going under such dreadful weather conditions. That all of you managed to do so with a smile on your face is amazing and testimony to your professionalism. To be faced with all of that for your first event is horrific luck.

We had intended coming back to the beach to help you drink the Fosters but our junk was dragging its anchor and getting back on board proved too dangerous for our boat boy to tolerate so once everybody was on board we commenced a very slow and wobbly trip back to Aberdeen. I hope you managed to show the Dubai team some Hong Kong hospitality to make their trip worthwhile. Don’t be too put off to do this again next year.” Simeon Mellalieu (Southside Massive Urban Gorrilaz)

“On behalf of the team at On-and-On, we also wish to thank you and your crew for all the thoughtful arrangement for the DBTs. We understand how weather can change and this is always the challenge of outdoor water sports. We certainly will continue to support your team should there be another Lamma race this year or next…” Tina So (On-and-On DBT)

“Although the weather was so bad, we would like thank you for your organization and tring all the possible ways to process the race. Honestly, we appreciate that as a foreigner you are so interested in Chinese traditional sport. We are looking forward to seeing you again in Lamma races in the future.” David Wan (Freudenberg & Vilene Dragon Boat Racing Team)

“We are so sorry that the race had to be cancelled. We were all so looking forward to a “new exciting race and venue’! Unfortunately, for some strange reason it just wasn’t meant to be!

Well done for all the great organising leading up to the day, and actually on the day managing to start the races and trying to carry on through the terrible weather. Hats off to you guys! As the saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again“! I am sure you will have the support of all the Dragon Boat Teams at your next Races.” Cheryl (BGC Stormydragons)