30th April Media Release

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Fifty-eight Dragon Boat Teams to Race at the Laracy & Co Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival 2012

Fifty-eight dragon boat teams, in men’s, women’s, mixed and new this year an ‘Over 40s’ division, have entered the popular Laracy & Co Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival 2012 being held on May 6th on Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Staged on Lamma Island’s Tai Wan To Beach near Yung Shue Wan, also known as Power Station Beach, the race is best-known by its short handle, ‘The Lamma 500’ for its International race standard 500-metre course length, and is a celebration of Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat history.

Staffed and supported by the Lamma Island Fishermen’s Recreation and Sports Association, The Laracy & Co Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival blends the history of Lamma’s sea-faring community with the present-day competition of local Hong Kong teams and international guest competitors.

Among the 58 teams will be Team DNA (Dragons of North America) who are flying in from North America.

New for 2012 is an ‘Over 40’s’ Mixed race which has proved popular with seven teams entered.

The Lamma 500 offers food and refreshment stands, showers and changing facilities for competitors, and plentiful clean, dry toilet facilities from Toi Toi for competitors and spectators.

Entry for spectators is free.

For further information contact: brad@thirstyhorse.com