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Announcement: The next KPMG Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Festival will be held on Sunday 7th May 2017

This event is now so popular that we will need to cap entries in the coming years. Be sure you book your entry in January 2017 to guarantee a place!


The KPMG Lamma 500

2016 International Dragon Boat Festival
1st May 2016

Photo courtesy of Pawel Wembley (click image to enlarge)
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Photo courtesy of Pawel Wembley (click image to enlarge)
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Photo courtesy of Pawel Wembley (click image to enlarge)
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The organisers are proud to announce that the KPMG Lamma 500 2016 event raised HK$21,000 towards the local charity Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hong Kong. They would like to thank everyone involved with the event!

The Make-A-Wish mission is, “to grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.” The Lamma 500 is proud to be associated with this fantastic local charity. If you are thinking of donating to a charity, please think of Make-A-Wish as one of your options; they perform a vital function in the community and have a meaningful effect on the lives of many Hong Kong children and their families.

29 March 2016: KPMG to headline sponsor the 10th annual Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival Read the full Media Release...


Video Highlights of the KPMG Lamma 500 2016

Courtesy of Donna Foreman


2016 Race Results

Mixed Bowl Champions

Los Chiles

Mixed Bowl Runners-up

Team Loreley

Mixed Bowl Third Place

KPMG Singapore



Mixed Shield Champions

HSBC Commercial Banking Red

Mixed Bowl Runners-up

German Dragons

Mixed Bowl Third Place

Sea Cucumbers



Open Plate Champions

HK Japanese Dragon Boat Team

Open Plate Runners-up

V-Power Dragon Boat Team

Open Plate Third Place




Mixed Plate Champions


Mixed Plate Runners-up

Team Mushu

Mixed Plate Third Place

ABC Buzz Dragons B



Women’s Plate Champions

Team Loreley Ladies

Women’s Plate Runners-up

Komodo Dragons

Women’s Plate Third Place

Lantau Boat Club



Youth Cup Champions

VSA Sharks (Fins)

Youth Cup Runners-up

Cogito College - High Fliers

Youth Cup Third Place

Lamma Dragons U18



Women’s Cup Champions

Sea Cucumbers

Women’s Cup Runners-up

SMUGZ Ladies

Women’s Cup Third Place

BCG Stormy Dragons



Open Cup Champions

German Dragons

Open Cup Runners-up

Lantau Boat Club

Open Cup Third Place

Lamma Dragons



Mixed Cup Champions

CIS Alumni

Mixed Cup Runners-up

ABC Buzz Dragons A

Mixed Cup Third Place

VRC Mixed

See the complete results of the 2016 KPMG Lamma 500

Download the complete 2016 KPMG Lamma 500 Programme


An Introduction to Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong – The Official Charity of the Event

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong aims to assist children with life-threatening medical conditions in realising their wishes, and to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong began its service in 1989, then registered as a non-profit charity organisation in Hong Kong in 1998, and also became a member of Make-A-Wish® International, headquartered in the United States. As of December 2013, we have granted wishes to near 1,500 children. Within many of the received wish applications, there were children hoping to be able to travel overseas, get a dream item or to meet with their favourite idol. These wishes became a memorable experience to them. We will continue to assist those children most in need and making their wishes come true, giving them supports and strength to overcome difficulties and fight against their illnesses.

Should you or your team be interested in donating to a charity this year, please download the donation form, or visit the Make A Wish Foundation website


Staged on Lamma Island’s Tai Wan To Beach, near Yung Shue Wan, the race best-known by its short handle, ‘The Lamma 500’ for its International-race standard 500-metre course length, is a celebration of Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat history. Staffed and supported by the Lamma Island Fishermen’s Recreation and Sports Association, The Hill Dickinson in Association with Laracy & Co Lamma 500 blends the history of Lamma’s sea-faring community with the present-day competition of local Hong Kong teams and international guest competitors.

Tai Wan To pano

Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island, with Mount Stenhouse in the distance
(click image to enlarge) See more photos of Lamma

The Lamma 500 is one of the most challenging and competitive races on the Hong Kong dragon boat calendar. It offers a deep, fast-water course, set against the incredible backdrop of one of the territory’s highest peaks, Mount Stenhouse, and the dramatic industrial landscape of the Hong Kong Electric Company.

In 2009, The Lamma 500 initiated its 1,000-metre experimental fun race. Initially, teams were nervous of ‘blowing up’ on the course, since dragon boaters usually train for a maximum 500-metre event. The 1,000-metre course offers a staggered start between boats that race to overtake one another around a single-lane.

Despite some nail-biting by team captains, most teams participated in the 1,000-metre race and it has subsequently become one of the best-loved races of the day, now offering first-place trophies for Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed team champions.

Response from participants of the 2012 Lamma 500 continued to show the event’s on-going popularity.

“On behalf of Team DNA, Dragons of North America, we would like to thank Brad and Gina and the rest of the Lamma Dragons for putting on such an amazing race! The level of competition and the organization of the race was top notch!!! We really didn’t know what to expect, especially after the wonderful week we spent in Boracay, but many of my paddlers came up to me after the event and told me that if they had to choose one race, they would choose Lamma Island over Boracay! I’m not sure if it was the race venue, the organizers, the competition, or the fact that we got a full dose of the Lamma Dragons, but you guys rocked!!! Maybe it was all the champagne we drank while dancing on the beach! Thanks again and I hope we can do this again next year!!! Paddle As One!!!!”
Berman Ng (Team DNA, Dragons of North America)

“On behalf of SMUGz I’d like to thank you and the Lamma 500 team for another great day out. Your event continues to improve each year, and is still the best-run race day that we attend. The trophies this year were fantastic – I just wish we’d won more of them.”
Tim Pottle (Southside Massive Urban Gorillaz)

“Everyone loved the shirts and what’s more, the team loved the day yesterday!!! Though we got thrashed, we all had an amazing time out with gorgeous weather, great tent location, and fun music!! Thanks for organising yet another successful Lamma 500!”
Heather (Canadian International School of Hong Kong – Flying Canucks)

The Make A Wish Foundation children’s charity is the Official Charity of The Lamma 500 and will be organizing activities during the event to raise funds for their activities.

The Lamma 500 offers food and refreshment stands, showers and changing facilities for competitors, and plentiful clean, dry toilet facilities from Toi Toi for competitors and spectators. Entry for spectators is free.

I say, hasn’t Ascot become so passé, my dear?
The Lamma 500 is definitely the event to be seen at these days.

For more information, please contact:

Brad Tarr at
or call (+852) 9824-4577

Gina Miller (Team Coordinator) at
or call (+852) 9121-3648


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